Hockey 101 Starting

Hockey 101 starts Monday, Sept 17th @ 8:30PM

We will have punch cards 10 sessions fo $100, these will be good for any of the 23 sessions. If you cannot get the card the first night, the cost is $10.

Bring a friend, if you need equipment please call BEFORE SUNDAY! We hava a limited amount of loaner gear and it’s first come first serve.

If you are new, arrive at the arena about 30 min prior to gear up. There are locker rooms downstairs that you can change in. When you come in, go the lower level and go towards the zamboni door. You’ll see some folks walking through there. That is where the locker rooms are and where I will be taking money and having you sign the waiver.

Questions? 308-224-7159

Basic Equipment


If you play in an organized league you will be required to have a HECC and CSA approved helmet. These certification standards mean that the helmet has been tested and meets the minimum standards. We only carry approved helmets because we believe that no matter what age you are, your head is the most important part of your body. We suggest using a full cage but at very least a half shield.

Skates are the second most important piece of equipment. The biggest mistake we see is people trying to buy a skate that is two sizes to big. Unfortunately this will hinder your skating ability and put you at a disadvantage. Ask around, someone may have a set of skates close to the style/brand you are looking for that you can size upo before you buy. If at all possible, get fitted before you buy.

Shin Pads 
Shin pads are designed to protect the knee and shin from collisions, sticks and pucks. You can wear shin pads two different ways; a slightly longer shin pad that cover the outside of the top of the skate or slightly shorter that slide in behind the tongue. There is no right or wrong way; it is all at the preference of the player.

Elbow Pads 
Elbow pads protect you in two ways. The fist is to protect your elbow from hard falls and impacts with the boards and other players. The second is to protect your forearms from sticks and pucks.

Shoulder Pads 
Many people do not like shoulder pads as they used to be bulky and restrict movement. That is changing with some innovative designs. Shoulder pads are not required for adult non checking leagues. Shoulder pads protect more than just your shoulders. Traditional shoulder pads will offer full body protection from your shoulders, to chest to the top of your arms. Newer styles are more like a shirt that fits snug and protects the chest and stomach only.

Gloves protect your hands, fingers and wrists. Some gloves will fit tighter to the hand and others will fit fairly loose. Again, this is a personal choice. 

Ice Hockey Pants (Breezers)
Breezers protect your thighs, hips and tailbone. More expensive pants will protect your lower back and kidneys also. Pants should fit comfortable around the waist and come down to the top of your shin pads.

Ice Hockey Socks 
Socks are part of the uniform and cover the players shin guards. They are held in place with a garter belt or a jock short that have Velcro tabs for the socks to hook to.

Sticks, Shafts and Blades 
Sticks range from an inexpensive wood stick to get started, to technological pieces of wonder. The options are more than plentiful. You can get a wood stick, composite stick or a composite shaft with a blade.

There are 2 different styles of jocks. The first is the old school jock strap with cup. The second is a loose or compression short with a cup built in with Velcro tabs on the thighs to hold up ice socks if needed.

Mouth Pieces 
There are many different designs. Some styles are designed to protect from players from concussions or for players who wear braces to being gel moldable for the best in comfort.