Minutes 8/20/2014

Tri-City Adult Hockey League
Meeting Minutes
August 20th, 2014
1) Call to order
Jeff Baughman called to order the regular meeting of the Tri-City Adult Hockey League at 7:13 p.m. at The Chicken Coop Kearney
2) Roll call
Jeff Baughman conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Dave Wieler, Donald Roeder, Randie May, Kurt Langrud, Jeff Baughman, BJ Simpson, Jared Roth, Kent Reynolds. Approval of minutes from last meeting
Jeff Baughman read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
3) Open issues
4) Old Chicago Sponsorship issues
a) They will be in contact with Randie May with a decision on Friday August 22th.
b) They will pay 2013 2014 season up front. Will let us know about 2014 2015 season.
5) Pay to Sub
a) With the ice cost going up it is a good way to bring in revenue, in order to keep prices low.
b) Revenue generated could fund season end tournament.
c) The revenue could help with possible ice time increase in the future.
d) Draft 5 teams with 13 players to elevate the habitual “subbers” issue.
e) Past history shows that lower levels suffered form 13 players.
f) Donald will keep track of subs for this year for consideration for next year.
6) Square Card Reader
a) Service charge will be card holder’s responsibility. Hockey 101 will be $.41 extra. League dues will be about $10 plus or minus $5 for service charge.
b) All Hockey 101 funds will still go through Kent.
7) Discount for board members and reps
a) Pay for performance the next year ice year.
b) If you do a terrible job in the eyes of the board your discount will be reduced or even taken away.
c) The same premise would apply to the board members.
d) If you decide to not rep or not be on the board the following year and did a sufficient job you would still get.
e) Reps would
f) Motion By DW Reps minimum $25 top $100 6-1 in favor
g) JB will generate wording. And email board for approval
h) If we have enough non board league members who want to rep, board members who are reps would be pushed out as reps.
8) Draft Door Prizes
a) Cole Chandler is responsible.
9) Goalies
a) Can they outskate
10) POI Scheduling Issues
a) There is no free weekend in March. DW talked with youth board they don’t have anything scheduled. If youth decides not to have anything we will take the weekend. DW will monitor and let the board know as the situation evolves.
11) Sponsers
a) Chicken Coop- Paid
b) Homeward Trail- Verbal Commit
c) Thunderhead- Verbal Commit
d) Ice Ice Babies- Paid
e) Replays-Verbal Commit
f) Dent Popper- Verbal Commit
g) Old Chicago- waiting
12) Player Evaluations
13) Ice Calender
a) We were shorted 4 ice sessions.
b) Kent will get it handled.
14) Team Reps
a) We will send out email in order to have a clearer picture
b) Jared Roth
c) Aaron Jech
d) Sam Axman
e) Cole Chandler
f) Jeff Baughman
g) Dustin Bond???
h) Dave and Jeff will conduct a rep meeting prior to draft
15) Jersey Update
a) Dimilaco will have them done 08/26/2014
16) NTV Interview reminder
a) Randie May will do it.
17) Adjournment
Jeff Baughman adjourned the meeting at 8:44 p.m. .
Minutes submitted by: Jeff Baughman
Minutes approved by: Kurt Langrud

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