Meeting Minuets 8/7/2016


Meeting Minuets

August 7, 2016

4:07 pm

Type of Meeting: Board Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Jeff Baughman

Invitees: Jared Roth, Jeff Baughman, Bryan Fast, Jason Peck, Bob Hock

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  • Bryan Fast Absent (Family Reasons)
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
  2. Open issues
  • Draft
    1. Location
      1. Chicken Coop.tenitively
    2. Date
      1. Will be September 18th , League will start September 21st
    3. Registration Opening
      1. Will open Monday August 8th 2016
  • Player Dues
    1. $365 one time, $390 More than one payment
  • Board Member Dues
    1. Dues will remain the same
  • Viaero Meetings
    1. Wednseday’s games Start at 7:30 Sundays games at 7:15
    2. Ice is still $225 an hour
    3. We will work with the Event Center trying to get 30 mins between games
    4. Both originations are excited for this season and look to build our relationship further in the future.
  1. Adjournment
  • Sponsors Update
    1. 1)Dent popper 500 confirmed JB✔
      1a)Replays will call 8/8 JB

2)Taco Johns 350 confirmed JB✔

3) Chicken Coop 500 Confirmed Bryan will handle
3a) Dmilaco? Jared will handle

4)Thunderhead 500 confirmed JB✔
4a) Johnson Controls Jason will handle

5) Roth Lawn? Jared will handle
5a)Simps Gutter Proz 350 confirmed JB✔

6) Storm? Jason will handle
7)Dowhy 750 confirmed JB

8) Fanatics? Jared will handle

9) Jimmy Johns in 750 JR

9) Kearney Ag and Auto- Goalies Confirmed JR

Buffalo Wild Wings Jason
Cash Wa Bryan
Roeder Tree Care JB
Jimmy Johns Jared

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