Meeting Minuets 8/13/2017

Tri City Adult Hockey League
Meeting Minutes
August 13, 2017
I. Call to order
Jeff Baughman called to order the regular meeting of the Tri City Adult Hockey League at 7:30pm on August 13, 2017 at a Board members house.
II. Roll call
Jeff Baughman conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Jeff Baughman, Jason Peck, Bob Hock, and Bryan Fast.
Absent: Jared Roth
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
Jeff Baughman read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
IV. Open issues
1) Bylaw Update
a. The board is not going to ratify new bylaws before draft and we are going to work on them this season.
b. Bylaws will be presented to the league this season and ratified after that
2) Draft Update
a. Date, Time and Location?
i. It will be at Buffalo Wild Wings (who is now a sponsor)
ii. Date: September 17th
iii. Time: 5:00pm
3) Screen Printing Update
a. Quotes
i. Jason will get quotes this week
b. Jersey Colors
i. Thunderhead
1. Yellow/Black
ii. Dent Popper
1. Red/Blue
iii. Chicken Coop
1. Orange/Black
iv. Kearney Ag and Auto
1. Blue/White
v. Jimmy Johns
1. White/Red
vi. Dowhy Towing
1. Black/White
4) Registration Update
a. Registration Closes at 12:00pm on September 17th
5) Board Member Discounts
a. A board member has made a motion to eliminate them
6) Player Request
a. Jeff Baughman would like his brother to play on his team (Dent Popper)
b. Jon is also an employee of Dent Popper
c. Approved by the board
7) Reps
a. Thunderhead
i. Aaron Jesch
b. Dent Popper
i. Jeff Baughman
c. Kearney Ag Auto
i. Tim Schriner
d. Chicken Coop
i. Cole Chandler
e. Jimmy Johns
i. Jared Roth
f. Dowhy Towing
i. Joe Francis
8) Board Member Discounts
a. A board member has motioned to get rid of board member discounts effective immediately.
b. The referee in chief, technology and league treasure will be compensated positions.
c. Board Member Reps will need to be reviewed and given a rep discount
d. VOTE: 4-1
9) Referees
a. Bob will be making players aware USA Hockey Referee clinic that is highly encouraged to attend
Minuets reviewed and approved By Bob Hock
Meeting ended: 9:33p.m.

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