Board Meeting Minutes 1/5/2015

Tri-City Adult Hockey League
Meeting Minutes
January 6, 2015
1) Call to order
a) Jeff Baughman called to order the regular meeting of the Tri-City Adult Hockey League at Thunderhead Brewery at 7:30 pm.
2) Roll call
a) Jeff Baughman conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Jeff Baughman, Bj Simpson, Dave Weiler, Randie May, Jared Roth, Donald Roeder.
3) Open issues
a) Stats
i) All game sheets will be printed and put into the book and then game sheets will be electronically sent to Donald
b) Slapshot rule review
i) We will keep the rule and continue to monitor it.
c) DWI POI Update
i) April 10-12 is set date $850 will be the entry fee.
ii) Dave will send out invitations and get the ball rolling
iii) Hotel arrangements are pending.
iv) Jeff will start looking for door prizes
v) Where will we have the Friday night team dinner?
(1) Chicken Coop
(2) Thunderhead
(3) Viaero Event Center
d) Old Chicago Payment update
i) We have given them a bill.
ii) The manager is aware of their tardiness on payment and will look into it ASAP.
iii) Randie will keep us updated.
e) Kevin Daly Re Level
i) He will be moved to a level 4 effective immediately.
f) League Season End Tournament
i) A weekend to conduct the tournament?
(1) Finding refs and ice time has been a problem in the past.
ii) Do we have the ice time?
(1) BJ will check with the arena
iii) Refs willing to work it?
(1) Randie will ask refs
iv) There will be a season end tournament.
g) Team Rep Evaluation
i) Sheets will be filled out asap and info compiled, then email to reps asap.
h) Ice Bill
i) We finally received all the ice bills and they will be paid asap.
i) Board Member Reevaluation
i) Note: All board members are assigned a specific team that they are the liaison for.
ii) Dave Wieler- Assistant Chief Referee, Assistant Treasure, Collections, Drop In Lead, POI Organizer, End of year Tourney Director, 101 Instructor, Team liasion
iii) Jared Roth- Treasure, Hockey 101 Instructor, Merchandise, Team liaison.
iv) Jeff Baughman- League Secretary, Drop In Assistant, Hockey 101 Assistant, Media Relations, POI Assistant.
v) Randie May- Chief Referee, Sponsor liaison, POI Assistant, Stat assistant
vi) Bj Simpson- Hockey 101 Lead, Viaero Contact,
vii) Donald Roeder- Stats
viii) Cole Chandler- Door Prizes
ix) Kent Reynolds- Goalies
j) Drop In/ Hockey 101 Update.
i) Purposed that next year make 101 more like league with a 1 time fee that holds people accountable and keep our numbers consistent.
ii) Drop ins are going very well.
iii) Hockey 101 could be promoted more.
I. Adjournment
Jeff Baughman adjourned the meeting at [9:30].
Minutes submitted by: Jeff Baughman
Minutes approved by: Jared Roth

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