Board Meeting Minuets 9/11/2016

Meeting Minuets
September 11, 2016
Type of Meeting: Board Meeting
Meeting Facilitator: Jeff Baughman at Thunderhead Brewing
Invitees: Jared Roth, Bryan Fast, Jeff Baughman, Bob Hock, Jason Peck
I. Call to order
II. Roll call
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
IV. Open issues
A) Draft Update
a. Chicken Coop September 18th at 5:30
b. Door Prizes
i. Johnson Controls JP
ii. Dent Popper JB
iii. Chicken Coop? BF
iv. Thunderhead? JR
v. Jimmy Johns? JR
vi. Kearney Ag and Auto? JR
vii. 3 $100 discounts for players at the draft Board
B) Registration Update
a. 40 skaters registered
b. 2 goalies registered
c. Referees
i. 7 interested
d. Reps
i. 5 signed up
C) Schedule Update
a. Schedule is in Pointstreak
D) Jersey Update
a. They are in for screen print
E) Referee Update
a. We have 8-10 potential referees
b. Bob will begin to make curriculum to in house train referees the 2017-2018 season
c. This season we would like to have all people with no refereeing experience to be usa hockey certified at least one time.
F) Scorekeeping update
a. Email was sent out to members to get interest
V. Adjournment

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