Board Meeting Minuets 8/28/2016

Meeting Minuets
August 28, 2016
Type of Meeting: Board Meeting
Meeting Facilitator: Jeff Baughman
Invitees: Jared Roth, Bryan Fast, Jeff Baughman, Bob Hock, Jason Peck
I. Call to order
II. Roll call
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
IV. Open issues
A) Draft Update
a. Chicken Coop September 18th at 5:30
B) Registration Update
C) Team Reps
a. Dent Popper-Jeff Baughman
b. Chicken Coop- Dustin Schutt
c. Thunderhead- Aaron Jesch
d. Dowhy Towing- Joe Francis
e. Storm- Donald Roeder
f. Jimmy Johns- TBD
D) Schedule Update
a. Schedule has been received from VEC waiting to pt it in pointstreak
E) Jersey Update
a. Jerseys Ordered
F) Referee Update
a. Waiting until registration is closed to see final number
b. Still pretty slim numbers
G) Scott Baker
a. Tabled until registration is closed
V. Adjournment

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