Board Meeting Minuets 7/24/2014


Meeting Agenda

July 24, 2016

4:00 p.m.

Type of Meeting: Board Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Jeff Baughman

Attendees: Jeff Baughman, Jared Roth, Bryan Fast, Jason Peck, Bob Hock

  1. Call to order at 4:05
  2. Roll call
  • Welcome New Board Members
  1. Bob Hock
  2. Jason Peck
  3. Open issues
  4. Financial Statement
  5. Fanatics need to pay
  6. Rep Evaluation

Reps will be contacted

  1. Board Member Discount Review
  2. Tabled until dues are set
  3. Duty assignment
  4. Jason Peck- Collections
  5. Bob Hock- Referee in Chief
  6. Jared- Scorekeep
  7. Jeff-Schedule
  8. Reps
  9. AJ –in Thunderhead
  10. DS- in Chicken Coop
  11. JB-in Dent Popper
  12. DW- Out Homeward Trail
  13. JF- Fanatics?
  14. RM- Dowhy?
  15. Meeting with VEC
  16. Meeting will be set and board will be made aware
  17. Advertising
  18. Table until next meeting
  19. Draft Location
  20. Tabled
  21. Website update
  22. Registration
  23. Board Members





  1. Sponsor update
  2. 1)Dent popper 500 confirmed JB✔
    1a)Replays will call 7/20 JB

2)Homeward call back 8/1 JB
2a)Taco Johns 350 confirmed JB✔
3) Chicken Coop? Bryan will handle
3a) Dmilaco? Jared will handle
4)Thunderhead 500 confirmed JB✔
4a) Johnson Controls Jason will handle
5) Roth Lawn? Jared will handle
5a)Simps Gutter Proz 350 confirmed JB✔
6) Storm? Jason will handle
6a) Agency 13? Bob will handle Out
7)Dowhy 750 confirmed JB✔
8) Fanatics? Jared will handle
9) Kern Statistical services-Out JB✖\
Kearney Ag and Auto Goalies Jared
Buffalo Wild Wings Jason
Cash Wa Bryan
Roeder Tree Care JB
Jimmy Johns Jared

  • Adjournment
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