Board Meeting Minuets 2/11/2017

Meeting Minuets
February 12, 2017
5:45 pm
Type of Meeting: Board Meeting
Meeting Facilitator: Jeff Baughman
Invitees: Jared Roth, Jeff Baughman, Bryan Fast, Jason Peck, Bob Hock
I. Call to order
II. Roll call
III. Absent:
IV. Approval of minutes from last meeting
V. Open issues
1) End of Year Tournament
a) Tournament starts 2/15/2017
b) 6 games will be pool play and teams will be seeded by: Record, Goals for, Least PIMS, Goals against
c) Last 3 games will be 5v6 4v3 1v2
d) We will try to get the “trophy” games will be march 5th at 4:45 (6v5), 6:15(5v4), 7:45(1v2)
2) Hans voting
a) Put out ballot
b) Paper or digital?
i) Ballots will be paper handed out at the games
3) Collections
4) Reps returning
a) Dustin Schutt (Chicken Coop) –Will return
b) Joe Francis (Dowhy Towing)- Will return
c) Aaron Jesch (Thunderhead)- Will Return
d) Cole Chandler (Storm)- Will Return
e) Jared Roth-Will not return
f) Jeff Baughman- Will not return
5) Board members joining/leaving
a) Bob Hock- Returing
b) Jason Peck-Returning
c) Jared Roth-Returning
d) Bryan Fast- returning*
e) Jeff Baughman- returning*
f) *- if more than 2 league members want to join the board these members spots must be voted in due to 2 year terms.
6) Late payment structure
7) Adjournment

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