2014 TCAHL Playoffs

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Groups are randomly assigned at season’s end.


Team Homeward Trail, Chicken Coop, Ice Babies


Team Dent Popper, Thunderhead, Old Chicago

Tuesday 3/25

GROUP A Game 1 7:30 HT vs IB

GROUP B Game 1 9:00 TH vs. DP

Wednesday 3/26

GROUP A Game 2 7:30 CC vs IB

GROUP B Game 2 9:00 TH vs OC

Thursday 3/27

GROUP A Game 3 7:30 HT vs CC

GROUP B Game 3 9:00 DP vs OC

Sunday 3/30

5:45 5th & 6th Place Game [3rd most points in each group]

7:15 3rd & 4th Place Game [2nd most points in each group]

8:45 Championship Game [Most points in each group]


Pool Play

Ties will be determined with a 5 minute overtime period.

If still a tie, a 3 person shootout: level 4, 3,2/1 revolves until a winner.

Goalie team assignments will be determined at game time via coin toss.

3 points assigned for regulation win

2 points assigned for overtime win

1 point assigned for overtime loss

0 points assigned for regulation loss

Tie Breaker preliminary groups if needed after first round.

Lowest PIM

Lowest GA

Coin Toss


All teams must have a complete roster per your end of season lineup [10 players]. Subs must be the same level or lower.

For every player below your complete roster at the beginning of each period, your team will be penalized one goal per period.

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